Every product
has a story
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Targeted biofood nutrition for the amazing body

Sports foods with an edge – small changes and big differences

The way you eat has on impact on how many workouts you can complete, how well you perform and how quickly you recover to go to the next workout. Train, perform and recover, train, perform and recover, an endless cycle to become the best of you to excel and win against your competition.

As an athlete or a busy person trying to get in workouts on a tight work schedule, leaves little time to buy, prepare and cook healthy and nutrient dense meals. Elite100 sports offers beneficial and convenient food alternatives.

Elite Core

Science + Nature = Performance

Elite Core is a range of well proven products developed in collaboration with renowned scientists and sports nutrition experts. Every product has as story to tell, and how it successfully has impacted athletic performance. Used daily to build a strong foundation for body & mind, and in conjunction with workouts, performance, and recovery.

Elite Perform

More energy when it matters
Sports drink mix • lemon
700 g

Elite Excel

Higher lactic acid threshold & more power
Cardio booster drink mix
465 g
SEK/NOK 695 

Elite NRF2

Protect your mitochondria function
Sulforaphane and curcumin cellular nutrition
60 capsules

Elite Superba

The new, red bioavailable generation omega 3. Phospholipids transport into brain.
Krill oil – a higher level of Omega 3
60 capsules

Elite Enhance - Strawberry

Carbs and protein to enhance energy, performance & recovery
Triple protein drink mix
600 g

Elite Enhance - Naturell

Carbs and protein to enhance energy, performance & recovery
Triple protein drink mix
600 g

Elite Nordic Astaxanthin

The most studied astaxanthin for muscle endurance & recovery, and eye health
Astaxanthin, Vitamin C and E in a vegan capsule

Vitaminox pro

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Sports Biofoods

Load your body with nutrient dense nature!

We believe in the power of nutrient dense whole foods loaded with phytonutrients and bioactivity. Sports Biofoods is a range of nutrient dense convenience foods to quickly make superior smoothies & soups, naturally fortify meet dishes with vegetables, or add to your morning oat meal to gain the competitive extra edge. Our range of Sports Biofoods include Organic Plants & Vegetables, Nordic Wild berries, Bio Bars and Sea & Ocean.

Have fun and unleash your creativity!


Plants & Vegetables

As a convenience, we offer 100% organic whole food plant- and vegetable powders. Going plant based to get the right kind of fuel for optimal performance is a superior alternative. The handpicked organic plants and vegetables, are immediately harvested and gently milled into a powerful nutrient dense powder.

Organic Hemp Seed Protein

Vegan whole food hemp from nutritious,
organic super seeds.
100% hemp, 75% protein

525 g • 21 servings

Nordic Oats 36™

Training your gut-brain-muscle axis. Oats and beta glucans demonstrate a clear role.
A pure, clean oats and beta glucans powder.

130 g •4.6 oz

Organic Tomato Powder

A good source of vitamin C,
potassium, folate, and vitamin K.
Excellent booster to smoothies, soups,
meat dishes and eggs.
215 g • 7.6 oz

Organic Green Cabbage Powder

The most nutrient-dense vegetable. Natural vitamins and phytonutrients.
Pure, clean. No additives. Add to smoothies.

175 g •6.2 oz

Organic Broccoli Powder

Eat your broccoli! Load up on vitamins, minerals and detox phytonutrients.
Add this nourishing vegetable powder to soups, burgers, or healthy eggs.
240 g • 8.5 oz

Organic Beetroot Powder

Natural booster of endurance and performance; calcium, iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
Pure, organic beet root powder for use in soups and smoothies. 
265 g • 9.3 oz

Organic Mushroom Powder

Why mushrooms are a perfect fit in a high performance diet –with natural vitamin D.
Blend this pure powder in soups or burgers.
65  g • 2.3 oz

Organic Celery Root Powder

Discover a healthy vegetable! Calming, cleansing and digestive effects.
Add it to soup, smoothies or meat dishes. 
170 g • 6.0 oz

Organic Spinach Powder

Science indicates that the phytochemicals of spinach can benefit cleansing processes. 
Blend in soups, burgers, or omelettes.
190 g • 6.7 oz

Nordic Wild Berries

It is true, living in the Nordic Region of the world, we take healthy forest berries for granted. Yet, even though one actually can go out and pick berries in July and August, and prepare them into a healthy powder to last throughout the year, we seldom seem to have the time, or if one does have the time, we cannot pick enough nor prepare it in such a healthy way.  Also, not all of us can spend time to go to  the Arctic Circle to pick enough of these pure, clean, wild, hand picked, organic sun-ripened berries at the right time, when the vitamin and phytonutrient density is at its peak! Var så god! (Swedish for politely saying:  Help yourself.) Look no further! Here it is!

Lingonberry Powder 100%

This super berry from the Scandinavian Arctic region is showing recovery benefits.
Take a spoon full of pure, protective nutrients, every day.
135 g • 4.75 oz

Bilberry Powder 100%

Its high content of anthocyanins are researched for their recovery benefits.
One tablespoon of pure wild bilberry is equivalent to 150 ml of fresh berries.
165 g • 5.8 oz

Sea Buckthorn Powder 100%

Its Vitamin C content is shown to be 15 times higher than oranges.
A berry powder to add to oatmeal, yoghurt and  smoothies
165 g • 5.8 oz

Crowberry Powder 100%

Is Crowberry the next superberry?

A wild, Nordic health berry powder to add to  oatmeal and smoothies.
165 g • 5.8 oz

Bio Bars

Bio Bars are great tasting bars popular to use as a pre-, interactive and post snacks for extra energy. The rich content of Oat beta glucans help balance blood sugar levels and is an excellent source of easily digested fibers.

Triple Oats Energy Bar

Crucial to performance & recovery – carbs,
fat and protein
An energizing bar with oats, beta glucans and strawberries. Dark chocolate covering.
10 bars x 35g
SEK/NOK 195.00 

Triple Oats Energy Bar

Crucial to performance & recovery – carbs, fat and protein 
An energizing bar with oats & beta glucans. Dark chocolate covering.
10 bars x 35g
SEK/NOK 195.00

Sea & Ocean

The sea and ocean offer amazing products to help nourish an athlete effectively. Marine Collagen is a 100% PURE natural fish collagen peptide from high quality wild cod harvested from the crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic. The bioavailable protein is easily absorbed and digested to help joints, muscles, aches and pains. The World Health Organization, WHO, has named spirulina one of earths “superfoods”. Popular among athletes, spiralina is so nutrient dense and protein-rich. No surprise it is chosen as a staple food for NASA astronauts going into space.

Marine Collagen

A key protein for structure, strength
and flexibility
Collagen from wild cod, MSC certified
150 g • 5.3 oz


Rich in amino acids – 62%


Bioavailable, and easier to eat as a tablet
500 tablets

Sports BioCare

Olive & Oats Vegan Shield Lotion

Moisture, elasticity and resilience
Biomimetic lotion (day)

50 ml • 1.7 fl.oz

Nordic Astaxanthin

Protect and recover with astaxanthin
First algae to be commercially grown

Elite Superba

The new generation omega 3
Krill oil
60 capsules
339 SEK