Olive & Oats Vegan Shield Lotion

Moisture, elasticity and resilience
Biomimetic Lotion (day)
50 ml • 1.7 fl.oz

269.00 SEK/NOK

A favorite to restore the skin barrier. Squalan has in studies been shown to increase elasticity, moisture and elasticity after only 28 days of use! Also contains marrubium stem cells! Helps the skin process damage from Blue Light exposure - the deep radiation from mobile phone, tablet and TV screen!

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Restore the skin barrier with squalane, olives and beta-glucan

The skin is an organ that is directly exposed to the external environment. Such as blue light!

Blue light is more skin-hostile than most people today imagine! Blue light is the light that radiates from a “smart phone”, computer and TV. These rays go deeper than the sun and can create fine lines and wrinkles. But, it is not just Blue Light that is a threat to a healthy-looking skin. Pollution & other airborne particles from air pollutants (PM) as well as sunlight and dry indoor heat can cause unhealthy skin.

The skin barrier is a must to protect against harmful environmental factors, and viruses & bacteria. Olive & Oats moisturizing cream helps restore a healthy-looking skin barrier. In addition, the skin feels more rejuvenated. One of the main ingredients is phytosqualan. Studies show that even after 28 days, the skin shows improvement in elasticity, strength and moisture barrier.

The body and skin have built-in systems to help moisturize the skin. However, these innate systems do not always provide ENOUGH moisture, especially as you get older. There are many additional ways to help the skin feel and look younger. Olive & Oats is a moisturizer based on squalane from olives. Because squalane mimics the skin’s natural oils, it is called biomimetic, ie, it supports the skin’s natural functions. It is also a natural antioxidant with additional protective properties. That’s the base! Then, the formula is built around a number of high-quality biomimetic ingredients with rejuvenating effects.

Important ingredients:
+ Phytosqualan
+ Marrubium stem cells
+ Beta Glucan
+ Olive
+ Picea Abies (Norwegian spruce tree)

Actually, we prefer to inform what the products do contain instead of discussing what they do not contain. But, as many people in the skin care industry still go into details of what their products do not contain, we will also mention a few of those …

The formula does not contain:
–   Synthetic, plastic cross-polymers
–   Synthetic emulsifiers / stabilizers containing ethoxylating agents
–   Acrylates
–   Carbomers
–   Parabens
–   Mineral Oil
–   PEGs*

* PEGs (polyethylene glycols) are petroleum-based ingredients that are widely used in cosmetics such as thickeners, solvents, emollients and moisturizers. PEGs are commonly used as cosmetic cream bases. They are also used in medicines as laxatives.

This is how the products are manufactured:

We use natural emulsifiers (from olives) that combine water and oil, and natural substances (from olives) that provide structure and viscosity. We do not use plastic substances to thicken such as acrylates, cross polymers, or stabilizers that contain PEGs, or carbomers.

We use natural oils, for example, broccoli seed oil and squalane from olives; beta-glucan from oats, picea abies, extracted from spruce shoots, which in studies have shown to be good for both sunburn and minor skin damage as well. Most of the ingredients are eco-certified.

We do not use perfumes in the ordinary sense, only some substances that can be classified as perfumes, but we use them as preservatives. Many new preservatives, including organic, can be allergenic, and therefore we have chosen to use the preservatives with which we have a long experience as being mild and non-irritating to many different kinds of skin types.

Best of all, the formula is biomimetic, ie, the ingredients mimic the skin’s natural functions. The combination of high quality ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin, and protects the epidermis without clogging pores.

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