Sustainability is
our core
business practice


Elite100 offers high-quality biofood products based on innovative ingredients. Our strategy is to remain at the forefront of research and development. On-going evaluation processes, closely examining new and current ingredients and formulations ensure optimum performance.

Our aim is to care for the health and performance of people while protecting the earth around us. We believe this is reflected in the way we make our products and conduct our business.

High Performance

We have selected a number of ingredients which have been researched at Scandinavian universities, for example astaxanthin from algae and shoots from Norwegian Spruce. We also source some of our high-performance ingredients from other parts of the world, such as France, Iceland, Brazil and the US.


We work with natural-based ingredients from wild seaweeds in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions and wild berries from the Arctic Region. We source many of the ingredients in Scandinavia, and favor those which are evidence-based and organic. We have an open-mind toward exploring new territories. Sustainability is a concept we value when choosing our ingredients.

We believe in our products and we think you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Selective Sourcing

We choose to work with high-quality grades of ingredients that are traceable, source- and potency verified from credible suppliers. We look for ingredients that have been grown using sound environmental practices that encourage biodiversity and healthy soils, sustainable and gentle growing methods, harvesting, and processing of the ingredients to maintain optimal nutritional value.