Elite Superba Krill

Healthy brain, eyes and heart
Krill oil is a superior source of Omega-3s, carried to the cells via phospholipids, unlike conventional fish oil.
60 capsules

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Superba krill uses phospholipids – the most effective carriers of EPA and DHA – to deliver Omega-3s to our body's cells. Also, contains choline, another substance your brain needs enough of to create cell communication that allows you to think, feel and react.

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The New, Red Generation Omega 3
– Sourced from crayfish in antarctica

The body is amazing, but sometimes it needs help. A little choline, phospholipids with EPA and DHA and astaxanthin, the antioxidant that is naturally found in krill, can make a difference. Krill mixes easily with other foods and fluids in the stomach, which can facilitate general metabolism. And, yes, that’s right! Brain, heart, joints, liver, skin and eyes can all benefit from Superba!


In addition to the vital fatty acids EPA and DHA, Superba Krill also contains choline, an important substance for many body functions, such as helping to send the right signals to nerves and muscles.

Choline is a vitamin-like substance that conventional Omega-3 sources do not contain. When you run marathons, roller ski and go on long ski runs or other strenuous activities, the levels of choline are lowered, possibly affecting performance and recovery. A little extra choline– something the body does not produce enough of on its own –  is noted to possibly make a difference. Lack of choline can lead to muscle problems.


Superba krill is water soluble and is therefore considered to be significantly more efficient for all our cells to absorb than conventional fish oil omega 3. Research also shows that krill can more easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier, important for both mood, performance and recovery. Krill also contains the antioxidant astaxanthin which gives krill its red color.


It is no secret that fatty acids from fats are what your brain needs to create cells that enable you to feel and think. Omega-3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain. Research indicates that they play a vital role to memory, ability to solve problems as well as your emotions. Superba is a red, new-generation Omega 3. Clean and fresh and the most natural way to obtain the benefits of the fatty acids EPA and DHA. The absorption capacity of krill is much greater than conventional Omega 3, particularly when it comes to the brain. Research indicates it can penetrate the brain barrier more easily, making the important fatty acids available to help mood and manage age-related brain decline.

Sourced from crayfish in antarctica

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