Elite Excel

Cardio and circulation boosting drink mix
Higher lactic acid threshold & more power
465 g

695.00 SEK/NOK

I really like the products and use Elite Excel and Marine Collagen 100 % every day in order to stay healthy and absorb my training.

Anna Dyvik, IFK Mora SK
SKU 15-051421 Category

Taking performance to new heights!

A patent-pending, science based cardio drink, Elite Excel has been formulated to maximize body and brain connection for high performance results.
Mix Elite Excel in a glass of water for a science-based drink with a selection of phytonutrients to ensure a higher lactic acid threshold – and more power! Excel is based on the discovery of nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system, which in 1998 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Nitric oxide can cause blood vessels to relax and dilate; lower or normalize blood pressure. Interestingly, relaxed blood vessels carry more oxygen and nutrients. Research has shown that an increase in the nitric oxide content can lead to a significantly higher lactic acid threshold and improved oxygen uptake (VO2Max). The result of the combination of nitric oxide and this cell nutrition complex can give the athlete an increased performance through higher blood flow and oxygenation.

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