Organic Tomato Powder 100%

Eat your colors – red! So useful and tasty, it has become a favorite Organic 100 % vegetable
Organic 100% Tomato can be added to soups, smoothies or morning eggs – or make your own healthy dip with yogurt.
215 g • 7.6 oz

265.00 SEK/NOK

Recently, many studies have shown that one of the carotenoids, lycopene, may be good for the heart. Studies also show that tomatoes can protect your skin and promote healthy cells.

American Heart Association
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Tomato contains carotenoids that are natural, fat-soluble health-providing pigments with antioxidant properties that can help us in so many different ways. Carotenoids can absorb UV light and prevent free radicals from destroying the eye’s retina. Its anti-inflammatory and lipid-lowering properties are also being investigated.

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