Crowberry Powder 100%

Our ancestors knew how great this berry is. Science also knows. Do you?
A Nordic, wild, health berry powder to add to your oatmeal, smoothie or recovery drink
165 g • 5.8 oz

375.00 SEK/NOK

The people of Lapland have traditionally used the wild crowberry to prevent overexertion and headaches. A Japanese scientist came to Sweden just a few years ago and was surprised so few ate this wonderberry, with such scientific back-up.

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Antho-what? A little known berry, and a little known phytochemical

Pure, 100 % wild crow berries

√ contains anthocyanins and flavonols which can provide excellent health benefits

√ exhibits antioxidant effects that can protect cells and balance inflammation

Although crowberries are unknown to most people, scientists doing research on this unique berry are determined that crowberries should be on your plate. Crowberry is suggested to be associated with a reduction in the risk of developing chronic diseases because of its strong antioxidant activity

Crowberry [Empetrum Nigrum] Powder is a 100% pure berry powder for a healthy lifestyle based on wild, midnight sun ripened Nordic crowberries. Crowberry is sometimes referred to as Wild Mountain Bilberry. In addition to being a good sourcce of fiber, it has other excellent health benefit because of its content of anthocyanins.

Studies have also shown that the crowberry contains proanthocyanidins. Japanese scientists doing research in Sweden were quite surprised to find that crowberries practically have the same amounts of proanthocyanidines as blueberries. These antioxidant effects are important because they can help protect cells and inhibit inflammation, one of the causes behind premature aging.

The light green twig of the crowberry with its black berries thrives on hilly crofts, marshes, even in the barren marshy forests and expanses of Lapland. The berries are shiny dark blue or black and they contain six to nine reddish-brown seeds. The sub-spieces of empetrum hermafroditum growing in the Arctic region has larger berries and a better crop. The season for crowberries starts in July and continues till the first snow.

The people of Lapland a have traditionally used the wild crowberry to prevent scurvy, overexertion and headaches. Tradition also claims the crowberry juice be healthy for the kidneys.

Wild crowberry contains a lot of vitamins and fibers. They are also rich in flavonoids, such as flavonoles and antocyans. In addition to promoting health, these components also give the berry its typical dark blue colour. The skin of the berry contains flavonoids and other fenolic compounds. Therefore, it is important to use the whole berry with its skin and seeds. Many studies indicate that the fenolic compounds with heavy antioxidant features promote health.

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