Triple Oats Energy Bar vanilla

Crucial to your performance – carbs, fat and protein in a great-tasting energy bar
An energy bar with oats, beta glucans and strawberries, and a dark chocolate covering. Use before, during and after physical activities.
10 bars – 35g

195.00 SEK/NOK

With this energy bar, you get both immediate and long-term energy to help you stay strong and energized as you move towards your performance goals. Oats with beta glucans help balance blood sugar for sustained energy levels.

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Crucial to your performance, immediate and sustained energy

How, what and when you eat is essential to your success!

During a workout you want easily digestible, bioactive energy sources as well as energy sources to keep your blood sugar balanced.

Getting immediate energy while maintaining  balanced  blood sugar is crucial to your performance success.

The Triple Oats Energy Bar, Vanilla, is popular because it is a convenient way of obtaining energy, tastes great and just works!

The ultimate endurance fuel, carbohydrates, provide energy to muscles while preventing blood sugar levels from dropping. Optimizing carbohydrates intake can help boost performance and speed up recovery.

Three different kinds of oats and beta glucans provide soluble fibers, helping to balance blood sugar and sustaining levels of energy. The beta glucans come from Swedish, wholegrain oats without the use of chemicals. Beta glucans, the dietary fiber of oat bran, can provide many health and functional benefits, such as helping to maintain blood glucose levels and digestion. Protein provides energy to the muscle after the workout sessions to help enhance and speed up recovery of muscles. Wrapped in a delicious dark chocolate covering.

Tested and liked by so many professional athletes and regular exercisers.

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