Olive & Oats Vegan Restore Lotion

Elasticity and recovery
Biomimetic Lotion (night)
50 ml • 1.7 fl.oz

265.00 SEK/NOK

A night favorite to restore the skin barrier. Squalane has in studies been shown to increase elasticity, moisture and strength after only 28 days of use! Almond oil is great for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. It fights aging by destroying free radicals and provides the skin with the nutrients it needs to repair itself!

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Recovery with squalane, beta-glucan and prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond oil).

Every night, the skin needs to recover from damage from the external environment! Squalane improves results already after 28 days. Almond oil can slow photoaging due to exposure to UV radiation.

The skin barrier is a must to protect against both harmful environmental factors and viruses & bacteria. Olive & Oats moisturizing cream helps restore the skin barrier. In addition, the skin both feels more alive. One of the main ingredients is phytotosqualan. Studies show that even after 28 days, the skin shows improvement in elasticity, elasticity and moisture barrier.

The body and skin have a built-in system for moisturizing the skin, but it does not always provide enough moisture, especially as you get older. Therefore, many want to help the skin so that it both feels and looks younger. Olive & Oats Vegan Restore Lotion is a light absorbing lotion that supports the skin’s natural functions (biomimetic) to restore balance. (It is NOT an oily, sticky, opaque cream that settles on the outer layer of the skin and clogs the pores.)

Olive & Oats Vegan Restore Lotion is a repairing and invigorating moisturizer based on an organic triple protection from olives, beta glucan from oats, and almond oil. Olive wax, olive fatty acids and olive squalane imitate the skin’s natural oils, ie, the combination is biomimetic and supports the skin’s natural functions. Beta-glucan has repairing properties and can reduce skin redness after skin irritations such as the effect of the sun’s rays. Almond oil helps to restore your natural skin tone and its content of vitamin E helps the skin to produce collagen, which in the long run can have a smoothing and firming effect.

Important ingredients
• Phytosqualane
• Almond oil
• Beta Glucan
• Olive
• Picea Abies (Norwegian spruce)

In fact, we prefer to highlight what the products contain instead of discussing what they do not contain. But, as the skin care indusry tends to focus on ingredients that a product does not contain, we would like to share a few notes to clarify:

Does not contain:
– Cross polymers
– Synthetic perfumes
– Synthetic emulsifiers / stabilizers with ethoxylating substances and raw materials
– Acrylates
– Carbomers
– Silicones

Of course, the formula does not contain:
– PEGs
– Parabens
– Mineral oil
– Paraffin and other petroleum-based ingredients

How the products are manufactured
We buy high-quality ingredients, and organic when it is possible. The only ingredients not classified organic in Olive and Oats are some natural preservatives, also classified as natural perfume *. This formula has received the HIGHEST RATING, ie been ranked high on the non-irritating scale.

We use natural emulsifiers (from olives) that combine water and liquid, and natural substances (from olives) that give structure and viscosity. We do not use plastic substances to thicken such as acrylates, cross polymers, or stabilizers that contain ethoxylating substances, or carbomers.

We use natural oils, for example, broccoli seed oil and squalane from olives; beta-glucan from oats, picea abies, extracted from spruce shoots, which in studies show to be good for both sunburn and small skin damage.

We do not use perfumes * in the ordinary sense, only some substances that can be classified as perfumes. We find them excellent as preservatives. Many new preservatives, including organic, can be allergenic, and therefore we have chosen to use those preservatives that we have shown to be non-irritating.

Best of all, the formula is biomimetic, ie, the ingredients mimic the skin. It is a moisturizing formula easily absorbed by the skin. It is also a formula that protects the epidermis without clogging pores.

Nowadays, we also take our airless packaging as a given component in our range. Airless means that the design of the packaging keeps out air, and therefore the products are kept fresh without unnecessary preservatives.

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