Organic Spinach Powder 100%

Science indicates that the phytochemicals of spinach can benefit cleansing and performance processes
For quick and nutritious prep and recovery foods. Just 5 grams of spinach powder equals approximately one bag of fresh organic spinach
190 g • 6.7 oz

235.00 SEK/NOK

Organic Spinach is a pure way of providing your body with nutrients and nitrates, the precursor of nitric oxide, (NO), which in turn can help improve performance and muscle function.

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Spinach is one of our most nutritious vegetables

Just 5 grams of Organic Spinach a day can make a difference

Add natural vegetables to your daily diet. Spinach is actually one of our most nutritious vegetables for overall health. Rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron, some people call spinach a “superfood.” Also, as it contains nitrates, a precursor of of nitric oxide (NO), it is an excellent sports food for endurance.

They include:
Spinach is a major player in DNA ‘s protection staff. When you are low on B6, the DNA can not be repaired.

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