Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder 100%

Vegan, whole food hemp from nutritious, organic super seeds
100% hemp, 75% protein content to use with morning oatmeal, smoothies or soups to pre- and post exercise
525 g • 21 servings

545.00 SEK/NOK

Whether you are a world class athlete or just want to stay in shape, hemp is an easy and convenient way to ensure high quality protein on a daily basis. An excellent protein source for vegans and vegetarians.

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Use Organic Hemp Seed Protein in smoothies, puddings or, why not, add it to your bread mix to make it even healthier. Also perfect to add to waffle or pancake batters.
Organic Hemp Seed Protein is organic, and has a pure, potent 75 % of protein content – rarely found! This plant protein also has all the 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids, as well as magnesium, fiber, zinc and iron. The fiber content helps your digestion. Not bad for a plant protein!

INGREDIENTS: 100% organic hemp seed powder [75 % protein]

Mix 2 tablespoons [25g] Organic Hemp Seed Protein Nutrition Powder with 200 ml of water (or your favorite beverage). Stir or shake until smooth.

Organic Hemp Seed Protein Nutrition Powder is a nutrition drink for a healthy lifestyle.

Remember: Do not exceed recommended daily use. Do not use as an alternative to a varied diet. The basis of your daily food intake should consist of varied and balanced meals. Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, and out of the reach of children. If you are a child, pregnant or breast-feeding, or an individual under medical supervision, or planning any medical procedures, please consult with your health care professional before changing your diet.


Hemp has been grown for thousands of years and is appreciated for its versatility. Hemp is a naturally sustainable crop – it uses less water than traditional crops, provides higher yields in smaller spaces and is extremely resistant to pests and diseases. Through its deep, strong roots, hemp provides our soil with more nutrients than it consumes.

The leafy plant also provides a little haven for our bees. The flowers are loved by these important pollinators, important for biodiversity and a healthy environment.

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