Insight from a former elite skier – Anders Rehn

Anders Rehn is a former elite skier – today a happy exerciser who exercises and runs on a regular basis.

Today I help several runners with their training and diet. I have used Elite 100 Sports for a long time and have a very good feeling.

I feel that I am recovering well, and I feel refreshed! The oxygenation I get in my body during trainings and competitions reminds me of my time as an elite cross-country skier.

When it comes to our diet, it can be difficult for us who regularly exercise to get all the nutrients we need. One needs to cook good food from scratch, but also reinforce it.

The balance is important: Exercise - Eat - Rest

Elite Excel: Nitric oxide vitamins and minerals

Elite NRF2: Sulforaphane is a strong antioxidant / phytonutrient that supports the body’s protection system.

These are two products I find particularly interesting. In addition, there are several other products that together create a synergy effect.

I have been curious about what my body needs! Get to know your body, what do you need?

Enjoy the good things in life. A bit playful I usually say: “The important thing is what you do between New Year and Christmas.”

Last but not least, make sure you have fun!

Anders Rehn
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