Stinas Dunderbar 12-pack

Clean, green biofood ingredients!
Made in Sweden.
12 bars x 40g

295.00 SEK/NOK

Energy balance is a key factor in endurance sports. Replenishing easy-to-digest energy at the right moment is essential to both body & brain, and crucial to performance and recovery.

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Clean, green biofood ingredients!

Stinas Dunderbar is a 100% natural, plant-based (VEGAN) energy bar. Use it before, during or after your workout. Filled with balanced amounts of nutrition dense whole foods. A smart choice for both body and brain, it provides balanced amounts of carbohydrates, fiber, proteins and fatty acids. in a convenient great-tasting bar. Organic mulberries, figs, dates, hemp protein and cocoa are combined to make this bioavailable, readily available energy bar. Perhaps you will develop the same passion for mulberries as Stina. 

Taste it yourself!

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