Targeted sports biofoods to enhance, perform and excel.

Most of us do not fully use the body’s potential. Why? The importance of consuming the right foods at the right time is often overlooked. No wonder so many feel too tired to accomplish certain goals, from training to participating in an athletic event, or, just daily workouts after a long day. 

The Elite100 Sports products are formulated to simply help the body function optimally, a way to reach one’s fullest potential. Incorporating the latest findings in sports medicine, we have developed a comprehensive range of products to improve the performance of all health-conscious and physically active people.

Sometimes doing one's best is not enough; sometimes one must
go beyond to excel

Provide the body with enough energy

The Elite100 Sports product range is a well-composed and balanced nutritional program consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, essential fatty acids along with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to give the body everything it needs to achieve the best possible results.

Elite100 Sports products help restore the electrolyte and fluid balance during and after strenuous exercise. This helps provide maximum results regardless of training level. A variety of natural, organic sports biofoods are available as well as core products that have been developed with the collaboration of a renowned endocrinologist and neuroscientists to target the body & brain connection. The purpose is to maximize energy output during exertion, minimizing fatigue and speeding up recovery.


Elite Core is a range of well proven products developed in collaboration with renowned scientists and sports nutrition experts. Every product has as story to tell, and how it successfully has impacted athletic performance. Used daily to build a strong foundation for body & mind, and in conjunction with workouts, performance, and recovery.

Maintaining homeostasis - balance - is the constant battle of our cells. Our Sports Biofoods are selected to help ensure a healthy balance.

We believe in the power of nutrient dense whole foods loaded with phytonutrients and bioactivity. Sports Biofoods and the categories  Plants & Vegetables, Nordic Wild berries, Bio Bars, and Sea & Ocean are a range of nutrient dense convenience foods to quickly make superior smoothies & soups, or add to your morning oatmeal to gain the competitive extra edge.

Providing products for discerning customers involves always staying ahead of mainstream knowledge and trends. Being at the forefront of research and development ensures continued trust of our friends and customers.

About Elite100 Sports

Since 1995, Innumerous people have used our innovative products to help achieve accomplishments, from World Championships to daily work outs.

The diamond shape of the Elite100 Sports logo represents the ideal of a human being that has achieved inner balance within self, and, who has focused energy on revealing one’s inner self. This can be accomplished by finding one’s passion – one’s own talent – in life.

There is an “Elite” in all of us, an inner drive to strive to find that interest in life in which one can be the best one can be, 100% of yourself. This unique development of helping to achieve one’s fullest potential is what  Elite100 Sports is so passionate about.

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